Friday, September 19, 2014

Warehouse Fire in Shelley District Doesn't Destroy Anything Important

Fire and police crews responded to a massive blaze in the Shelley District late last night.  Thankfully, the fire was localized to an abandoned warehouse and avoided many of the more interesting buildings in the area.  Although remains were found in the wreckage, it is most likely they were entirely animal in nature, so tourists should not fear traveling in beautiful, historic Shelley District or indeed anywhere else in Las Calamas.  Police suspect the fire was started either entirely by accident or by arson, but the Las Calamas Visitors & Convention Bureau strongly suspect the former, based on our need not to jump to conclusions that might frighten visitors and inhibit tourism.  In addition, the remains were so badly charred that they seemed freakish and unusual in nature, containing a mix of body parts and bizarre composition of multiple animals.  Obviously, it was nothing of interest.

It should also be noted that the fire and police crews who responded did so very quickly and worked in a professional and efficient manner.  Anyone wishing to purchase property in Las Calamas for the purpose of commercial enterprise would do well to take note of what a safe and protective environment the city provides.  It is and always has been our policy, whenever possible, to only allow fires to destroy unused and unwanted properties.

Finally, for those tourists who choose to view the burned out hulk of this abandoned warehouse, please be certain to stop by and visit some of the vendors and shops in the nearby commercial areas of the Shelley District.

You'll be glad you did!

-- Colson Blakeny, LCVCB Staff Writer

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