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Fish N' Ships

 Arrrgghhh... Matey, welcome ta the Fish N' Ships!  C'mon aboard for all the fish n' ships ye can handle!  Families welcome... lubbers not!  Ask about our Catch of the Day!  Come on in and say "Arrrgghhh!"


Name:  Chris Weedin
Position:  Grunt
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The Orchid Road

Flowers and foliage for all occasions, whimsical or not.  Exotic blooms are our specialty.







 Las Calamas Community College Bookstore

A great place to launch your college career... or kill some of that retiree boredom!  Las Calamas Community College Bookstore will help you do both and everything in between.  Pick up your books, a sweatshirt and a snack and get your life on track.


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